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Acurel F:

This stuff is a miracle worker

October 13, 2011 • fishrocks from London KY

I love Acurel F every time I get a cloudy aquarium I use this it is a miracle worker. It makes my aquarium crystal clear in just a few hours. Sometimes you need to add a second application if the cloudiness is really bad... it is a wonderful product to have on hand because no one likes to look at a cloudy aquarium..   One tip use the lowest dose which is 2 drops per gallon of water. If it’s not clear in a few hours, dose again. 2 drops per gallon its best to start out smaller doses then larger doses.  I’ve never had to put more than 2 separate doses in ever


August 29, 2011 • Chewie01 from West Monroe, Louisiana

This product is great. We've been trying to establish our tank for about a month. Finally got chemical balance right, now we had the cloudy water issue to resolve, tried topfin no dice. Got the Acurel F-25 and BAM it did the trick for us. LOVE it. Our tank is crystal clear. The fish seem happier too. Thanks to Utube for recommendation and Petco for having the sense to sell it.

It's Crystal Clear... This Product is Awesome!

June 22, 2011 • HappyCrayfish from Owego, NY

It's a Miracle!!!

I haven't had a decent clear tank of water since I first set up my tank. It's a little 5.5 Gallon. The only time it was clear was when I first filled it. Since then... it's been various levels of cloudiness. I filled it with Well water. I added the recommended conditioners. It being a new tank, I added "seed" fish (Fathead Minnows). All but one of the fish died. I had a very bad case of New Tank Syndrome. I decided to start over. I cleaned the heck out of everything. This time I used Spring water. I added the conditioners. It started out crystal clear... but after a couple of days, clouded up again. I used a water clarifier... a floculant type... it did zip... a waste of money. The water tested OK... but remained cloudy. I decided to be patient. I did a lot of research... joined forums... I followed all the advice I could find about setting up a new tank... and getting the water right biologically. I added this, that, and the other thing... as recommended. Nothing Worked. I used 3 other water treatment products that all made fantastic claims about creating a crystal clear, biologically balanced, environment in my aquarium.

2 1/2 months into it with my cloudy tank, and just one Fathead Minnow left... he was from the first batch... apparently a hardy little guy. Just for fun, I added a Crayfish that I found in a nearby creek (tons of fun, extremely entertaining, super hardy and easy to care for... and gets along great with my Fathead Minnow). He's doing awesome, but eats vegetables, algae wafers, frozen shrimp, etc... anything/everything you throw in the tank. The water was always cloudy... and I thought, with the salad bar my Crayfish was eating... the water would never clear up.

I wandered into Petco to browse around. I found the "Acurel F" and read the label. I thought, Ok, I'll bite. I bought the "Accurel F", but didn't get my hopes up. I followed the directions. I added 2 drops per gallon (the minimum recommended amount). About 2 hours later I checked it. It was very clear, a significant difference... but I thought not quite a 100%. I added 5 more drops. The recommendations were to start with 2-4 drops per gallon, so I was still in the range. Within 4 hours, as stated, as claimed, as promised, on the package... Crystal Clear Water. Beautiful!

My recommendation... start with the lowest dose... and work your way up as necessary. I've been maintaining the clarity in my 5.5 Gal. tank with just 2 drops a day.

"Accurel F" - Awesome Product.


June 18, 2011 • MmmBeer from Washington D.C.

I've tried many clarifiers on the market and had no luck. I have a 36g & a 10g tank. Both with a hazy white cloud just lingering forever. My 36g is equipped with 2 filters (Marineland Emperor 280 Pro Series & Aqueon CA30). The 10g has a Marineland 100. They help filter out the debris & waste but would not remove the white haze. I watched a couple of videos on YouTube but I was still skeptical.

Today I received my order of Acurel F 25 (ordered 3), pretty fast shipping too! I followed the directions and now both my 36g & 10g are CRYSTAL CLEAR!!! I noticed a huge difference within only 1 hour!!! My fishes look like they're swimming on air and showing their true colors!!! By the way, this product is all natural :) I'm very satisfied with Acurel F 25!!!

Amazing Product

December 31, 2010 • WojoGT

I have tried everything under the sun for the past year to keep my tanks clear. Gravel Cleaning, water changes, every treatment you can buy and it did not help. I saw Acurel and decided why not try it. This product is a MIRACLE! Dropped in the recommended dosage and it turned my two cesspools into eye candy! They are now crystal clear and have been ever since. I was about to sell and or give my tanks away.....and then I found Acurel!

Awesome product!

November 15, 2010 • GuppyGuy from Franklin Square, NY

This is the best thing I bought to clear up my tank. I use it every time after doing a water change. Keeps my tank crystal clear. Unlike other products which use chemicals, this is all natural. I highly recommend it!

This stuff works!!

April 18, 2010 • hairypotter from Oak Park, Illinois

I was skeptical, cuz i've tried every water additive they sell, was changing the filters regularly, vacuuming the gravel almost every day, (i have a messy oscar and some dirty goldfish) nothing worked, the water was still cloudy...might clear up a little with a major water change, but within a day or two, water was cloudy again! I tried this stuff, and it really works! Not in "hours" like they try to make you believe, but with a good water change, and adding a good amount of this stuff, within 2-3 days it cleared up and the water has stayed CRYSTAL CLEAR for over a week now! Thats a first.... I was and still am shocked! This is coming from a real person writing a real review LOL

Didn't believe it... until the next day!

February 13, 2010 • VetTech1

This product is the best thing I have ever spent a few bucks on. My tank had ZERO visibility. I tried many other products and had no results. Someone randomly mentioned this product to me, and I bought it laughing to myself that this was going to be another waste. I was wrong. By the next day my tank was crystal clear. There were a few times through the process that my tank looked worse but just give it time. This stuff works!!

The Best

October 2, 2009 • Assu

Second day after adding this product my aquarium water was crystal clear. No other product has helped and I have tried several. This is THE BEST! I higly recommend it.

The BEST at clearing a cloudy aquarium

August 30, 2009 • JerseyGirl78

I tried Crystal Clear and Accu-Clear, both of which I thought sort of worked...until I tried Acurel...this product is AMAZING!! I'm not kidding, it cleared out all the cloudiness in my 20 gallon aquarium in 1 hour!! The other products worked for a few hours, then the cloudiness came back. I'm glad I can stop wasting my money on other products that don't do what they claim to do.

Works beautifully

August 21, 2008 • MJF007 from Los Angeles, CA

I had very cloudy water and tried numerous products claiming to make your fish tank crystal clear but none did and in fact in a couple of cases, made things worse. Then I found this product, tapped in the recommended dosage and within a couple of hours, the water was almost totally clear! It's amazing stuff. I don't understand why the other companies can't get it right but at least there's this stuff. An extremely inexpensive and very useful product

Worked Great!!

August 9, 2008  • n1cjs

My 12 gal. tank looked like mud for about a week. Bought a bottle of this F25 stuff, put in the directed amount and an hour later... CLEAR!! Worked great, and the fish seem much happier!!

Acurel F

July 31, 2008 • GinaG

Acurel F is the most helpful product available for clearing up cloudy fish tanks. If you follow the directions, I guarantee that after about an hour, your tank will clear up. Sometimes if your tank is really bad and you can not change the water right away repeat the Acurel process after changing the filter bags. At first your water will look worse than it did before putting in Acurel but just walk away and come back in an hour and you will think that your eyes are playing tricks on you.

The only one worth buying

January 29, 2008 • hjsz from New York, NY

This water clearing product is the only product of it's kind worth buying. It clears even the cloudiest water with shocking speed and effectivness.

Not Even Close - The Best Product on the Market!!!

November 25, 2007 • Hooks

Other products claim to be able to clear cloudy/dirty water. Not only are they not capable of doing that, they often make your water even cloudier! This product not only works (in a few hours), but I'll bet you've never seen water as clear as after using ACUREL F! It's simply amazing how clear the water gets after using the product. Please note that your water may be cloudy for the first couple of hours, but then it will be crystal clear. Also note, occasionally, a second application is required before your water becomes clear - but it WILL work!

Does what it says

November 25, 2007 • Dustincnj79

This product is amazing and truly does what it says. I had problems with water clarity until now. If you have cloudy water this product is a must!!!

Wonderful Product!

May 10, 2006 • Sub wife from Portsmouth,NH

I have tried other products, but nothing works as well as Acurel F! Soon after putting it in the water the water is EXTREMELY clear. This product is amazing!

A Crystal Clear Finish!

April 29, 2006 • doggieperson from Los Angeles

I highly recommend this product. It is outstanding. I have tried other brands, and nothing compares to Acurel. For best results, I recommend using this product after you perform a water change.


Acurel E:

Acurel - Best there is

May 24, 2010 • Edward D. Cookenham "Shivers D Clown" (Memphis, TN)

This stuff is fantastic! Works fast! I tried several other products but have used only this for the last two years and will not change!!!


Acurel Media Pads:

I will purchase again!

August 9, 2011 • By Peggy J. Broome

Acurel Phosphate Remover Media Pad By Acurel (Misc.)

This filter saves me money in the long run. I cut to the size of my bio filter and wash the pad use again.