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ACUREL® Aquarium and Pond Care Products…

It's all about the water!


The expanded Acurel product line now provides an array of solutions for almost every facet of your fresh or saltwater aquarium, cichlid or pond needs. Whether you are an experienced professional aquarist or a new hobbyist, you’ll find cost effective products that not only perform better, but are easier to use than comparably priced items from other manufacturers. Click on any of the products or categories listed below to find out more.

Water Clarifiers

Acurel F for aquariums

Acurel E for ponds

Water Treatment



BodyGuard RX™


• Remedies

Knockout BF

Knockout IP

Infused Media Pads

Nitrate Reducing Pads

Ammonia Reducing Pads

Phosphate Reducing Pads

Pollutant Reducing Pads

Waste & Debris Reducing Pads

Filter Media & Supply

Extreme Activated Filter Carbon (BEST)

Premium Activated Filter Carbon (BETTER)

Economy Activated Filter Carbon (GOOD)

Ammonia Away Green

Extreme Carbon + Ammonia Away

Polyester Filter Fiber

Filter Lifeguard Media Bags

Cichlid Salt

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