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Acurel® Ammonia Reducing Infused Media Pad

Acurel Ammonia Reducing PadAmmonia Reducing Pad Detail

18" x 10" Item # 2515

Ammonia is the leading killer of tropical fish. It is the result of decomposing waste and food in your aquarium. Combat this serious issue with our Ammonia Reducing Pads. They are specially infused with ammonia-absorbing particles that pull harmful ammonia from your aquarium or pond water.

Like all our infused media pads, our long-lasting polyfiber material is up to twice as thick and is much more rigid than competing pads, enabling them to fit tighter, hold their shape longer, filter more effectively, and last longer.

These pads will:

Quickly absorb ammonia from water

Reduce the risk of disease and stress

Improve water clarity and quality

Improve and maintain fish health

Eliminate odors

Effectively remove all organic particles, foreign debris, residual medications,
excess food and waste

To Use:

Acurel Ammonia Reducing Media Pads should be used as a preventive measure. These pads are not a remedy for sustained ammonia concentrations, and should be used ONLY in FRESH WATER AQUARIUMS and PONDS. They can be cut to fit any aquarium or pond filtration unit including hang-on filters, canister filters, top filters, internal filters, wet/dry filters and more.

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