ACUREL® – The Original and Clearly the Best

More than 45 years ago, Acurel originated the concept of
clarifying water by introducing the first ever water clarifier, Acurel F.

Acurel F Water Clarifier bottlesThe innovation of a water clarifying product that truly worked to combat the daily problems facing aquarium owners has kept Acurel the top choice of professionals. Our philosophy is to create simple-to-use products that “go one step further” while trying to remain conscious of the environment. The result is our expanded line of exciting new products. Our Guard family of water treatments have many benefits and are the most effective on the market today. Our infused media pads are thicker, more ridgid, last longer and are more cost effective while providing better filtration results. Acurel carbon filter media are proven to be 2 to 3 times more effective than other carbon forms. And our proprietary cichlid salt formula is second to none. Browse our site to learn more, and don’t be afraid to ask our resident expert aquarist, Aaron Kline, your questions! We look forward to hearing from you!

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