Frequently Asked Questions About Acurel Products

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    • How does Absorptol deliver medications into the fish?

      Absorptol delivers medication into the fish by allowing the medication to “piggyback” onto the absorptol molecules. The Absorptol molecules then bind to the fish’s tissue where compounds present in Absorptol easily penetrate into the body of the fish.

    • Does Absorptol clog the gills of fish?

      No, Absorptol does not clog the gills of fish. Our chemists researched this extensively and concluded that the Absorptol, once attached to the fish, allows the fish to continue breathing easily.

    • Can Absorptol be used in fresh and saltwater?

      Yes, you can use Absorptol in fresh and saltwater aquariums.

    • Is Absorptol safe for corals and invertebrates?

      Yes, you can use Absorptol for corals and invertebrates.


    • How often do you have to dose with Acurel E?

      Every pond is different. Dose frequency ranges from weekly, bi-weekly, to once or twice a season. Acurel E is safe for all fish, plants, and animals, and cannot be overdosed. Our chemists have dosed Acurel up to 10 times the recommended dosing with no adverse side effects on plants or animals.

    • Does Acurel E work on single cell algae?

      Yes, Acurel E will clump single cell algae together into a mass which can then be easily removed by your filter or skimmer.

    • What is Acurel E made with?

      Acurel E is made from organic extracts from natural, renewable resources.


    • How often can I use BodyGuard Rx?

      You can use BodyGuard Rx up to three times per week, until the desired results are reached.

    • What is the main vitamin in BodyGuard Rx?

      The main vitamin in BodyGuard Rx is vitamin B-12.

    • When do you need BodyGuard Rx?

      You should use BodyGuard Rx when your fish is not eating, transported, or under any type of stress.


    • When should I use BodyGuard+?

      BodyGuard+ should be used when doing water changes, introducing new fish, or weekly to bring vitamin C directly into your fish.

    • How much BodyGuard+ do I use?

      Unless otherwise specified, all Acurel Guard products are dosed at the rate of two drops per gallon and one teaspoon per fifty gallons,.


    • How often do I use HealthGuard?

      HealthGuard should be used as a weekly tonic for your fish to increase enzyme and electrolyte production in your fish.

    • Why do I need to increase the enzyme production in my fish?

      Increasing the enzyme production in your fish will bring out the natural colors of your fish, and also prevent them from suffering from bicarbonate alkalinity crash.

    • Can I use HealthGuard when I introduce new fish into my aquarium? Will it help them acclimate better?

      Yes, HealthGaurd is the perfect treatment when introducing new fish. It treats the stress and crashing of the body ph that happens during shipping. It is like a “sports drink” for fish.


    • Can Acurel infused media pads be used in fresh and salt water aquariums?

      All our media pads EXCEPT the AMMONIA pad are safe for fresh and salt water.

    • How much thicker are Acurel media pads than the competition?

      Acurel media pads are 2x thicker and more rigid than most of the pads on the market today. This results in better performance due to tighter fit, less flex under pressure, fewer leaks, and longer life of the pad.

    • What makes them thicker and more rigid?

      The pads are infused with more media to give you a stiffer, more rigid pad.


    • What makes your filter media bag a better bag?

      Our media bags are better because they will not break down or disintegrate in water, sending media into the aquarium and filter.