Acurel® Fish Health Remedies - Knockout IP & Knockout BF

Deliver the KNOCKOUT PUNCH – FAST to ICH, Parasites, Bacterial and Fungal Organisms with ACUREL Knockout IP & BF. Acurel Knockout products infused with Absorptol™ technology use ALL NATURAL OILS to SAFELY and effectively KNOCKOUT and prevent further spread of ICH, parasites, bacterial and fungal organisms associated with fish disease.

Your fish health improves DRAMATICALLY FASTER thanks to our Absorptol technology. Absorptol drastically improves the absorption rate and efficiency of Knockout BF, IP and all other aquatic medications, treatments and supplements.

Acurel Knockout BF, for bacterial and fungal organisms, is safe for freshwater, saltwater and reef aquariums. Knockout IP, for ICH and parasites, is safe for freshwater and marine aquariums (not for reef aquariums).

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