Acurel® Water Treatments

Formulated to be used individually or combined as a system, the Acurel Guard family of products helps create and maintain an optimal aquatic environment for your fish. The anchor of the system is Absorptol™ – an Acurel exclusive. Absorptol™ enhances the performance of all vitamins, nutrients, and medications by increasing the efficiency and speed of their absorption. Absorptol™ is an ingredient in each Guard family product and is also available separately to enhance the performance of other aquatic supplements and medications.

All Acurel water treatments are 100% MADE IN THE U.S.A.

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  • Absorptol® - Performance Enhancer for All Medications & Supplements.
  • HealthGuard - Weekly Health Boost and Electrolyte Stabilizer
  • BodyGuard RX - Vitamin Boost and Appetite Stimulant
  • BodyGuard+ - 5 in 1 Tap Water Treatment and Fish Protector

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