Acurel® Ammonia Away Green Granules – eradicates the #1 killer of tropical fish!

S: 18 oz. Item #2338
M: 36.5 oz. Item #2339
L: 75 oz. Item #2340
XL: 170 oz. Item #2341
Bulk: 55 lb. Item Item #2348

Ammonia Away Green is laboratory proven to be 2X more effective than competing products at removing ammonia – the #1 killer of tropical fish. This super-effective GREEN zeolite is superior to standard zeolite, making it the best way to rid aquariums and ponds of ammonia. Ammonia Away Green creates a healthy environment for fish, minimizing foul odors and cloudy water conditions.

Each jar of our Ammonia Away Green has a convenient flip-up handle.

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