Acurel® Extreme Activated Filter Carbon Pellets – (Best)

S:11 oz.Item #2342
M:23 oz.Item #2343
L:45 oz.Item #2344
XL:100 oz.Item #2345
Bulk:55 lb.Item #2346

Acurel’s Extreme Activated Carbon is the most effective media to clear aquariums of toxic organic substances, discoloration and foul odors. Our Extreme Carbon has been proven in laboratory tests to be 3X more effective than other filter carbons. That’s why it’s the professional’s choice. Each pellet contains large pores allowing it to absorb and hold more contaminants, which is vital to attaining the EXTREME removal of chemical and organic pollutants and toxins. Use in fresh and saltwater aquariums and ponds.

Each jar of our Extreme Carbon has a convenient flip-up handle.

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