Acurel® Extreme Carbon Ammonia Away Blend – the ultimate toxin removal for your aquarium

S:14 oz.Item #2334
M:30 oz.Item #2335
L:60 oz.Item #2336
XL:135 oz.Item #2337

We combined our best activated carbon – Extreme Activated Carbon Pellets, proven in laboratory tests to be 3X more effective than other filter carbons with Ammonia Away Green, laboratory proven to be 2X more effective than competing products at removing ammonia – to create the ultimate system for removal of toxic substances, discolorations, odors and deadly ammonia. Regular use of Acurel Extreme Blend in aquariums provides increased efficiency of filtration, prevents cloudiness and keeps water odors and ammonia in check.

Each jar of our Extreme Carbon Ammonia Away Blend has a convenient flip-up handle.

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