Acurel HealthGuard
Weekly Health Boost & Electrolyte Stabilizer

25 mlItem #0016
50 mlItem #0017

Use HealthGuard for stress-free fish and rescue them from harmful bicarbonate alkalinity crash! Essential for proper water chemistry, organ function and overall fish health, HealthGuard restores and maintains correct bicarbonate alkalinity (not to be confused with water alkalinity). Normal biological activity can cause the bicarbonate alkalinity levels in your fish to crash, resulting in severe stress. HealthGuard replenishes electrolytes, stimulating enzyme production similar to the effect sports drinks have on people.

HealthGuard contains Absorptol® for more effective delivery and absorption of HealthGuard’s supplements. HealthGuard is 100% MADE IN THE U.S.A.

To Use:
HealthGuard is super concentrated. For HARD WATER – just add 2 drops per gallon or 1 teaspoon for every 50 gallons of aquarium water. For SOFT WATER – add 4 drops per gallon or 2 teaspoon for every 50 gallons of aquarium water.

Safe for all fresh and saltwater fish, invertebrates and plants. For ornamental fish only.

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