Acurel Knockout IP
All Natural ICH and Parasite Infestation Remedy

50 mlItem #0039

Your fish is sick. Act FAST. Act AGGRESSIVELY.
Use Acurel Knock Out IP to halt and treat ICH and parasites.

Acurel Knockout IP’s all natural oils wipe out ICH and parasite infestations associated with fish disease. Acurel Knockout IP uses Absorptol®, our proprietary technology to improve treatment success and dramatically speed up healing time! Acurel Knockout IP is safe for all freshwater and marine aquariums. (NOT for reef aquariums)

Acurel Knockout IP also helps with the following:

  • Prevents further contamination of other fish.
  • Provides slime coat protection on open sores & fin damage.
  • Will not harm biological filtration or affect PH.


To Use:

For Parasites –
Remove Carbon. Keep Filter running. Add 1 tsp / 25 gal to water. Repeat in 24 hours (up to 3 treatments). After treatment, change 15% of water and replace carbon.

For ICH –
Remove Carbon. Keep Filter running. Add 1 tsp / 25 gal directly to water. Increase water temp to 80-85 degrees. Treat on days 1, 3, & 5. After treatment do a 15% water change & replace carbon. Precautions: Store in safe place out of the reach of children. Not for human consumption. For ornamental fish only.

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